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There are a number of reasons why seniors should stay active. These activities don’t need to be strenuous. Here are some reasons why seniors should stay active.

Exercise the Mind

If a senior is active and doing activities such as puzzles, playing bingo, or just reading, this is exercising their mind. Getting exercise is critical when you grow older because it can help reduce the chances you’ll develop Alzheimer’s or other dementia. These mind exercises are easy to do and the more active a senior is with their mind the better off they are going to be. While mind exercise isn’t a cure for these diseases they are a way to reduce the chances of them occurring later on in life.


Activities help to keep a senior social and away from just sitting at home. Being alone can lead to depression and other mental health problems. Being active and social can help senior’s deal with many of their health problems and generally make life more enjoyable. Even a simple walk or visits to a local rec center can do wonders for a senior citizen. Social activities should be encouraged for senior citizen wherever possible. When a senior takes part in social activities this breaks a senior from the dull routine they have grown accustomed to and gives them something to do in their lives which can be important for their overall health and well-being.

Reduces Chances of Disease

While many senior citizen deal with health issue some basic activities can reduce the chances of disease even in advantaged age. The muscles and joints need to get at least some moderate activity no matter how old you are. Exercise can also help a senior manage a condition they may already have. Thesе exercises are going to be mild such as basic stretching or simple walking but every bit of activity can help a senior.

Deal with Health Issues in a Positive Way

Staying active can help a senior deal with health issues in their life that might bring down their overall mood. Diabetes, high blood pressure and other issues can weight on the mind of a senior. When a senior is active they do other things besides worry about their condition. This activity helps fight depression puts them around others that feel the same way they do about their health issues. Being active is a very good coping mechanism for seniors and gets them away from their problems at least for a little while.

Seniors need other around them to deal with the death of friends which is a common occurrence when you get older. Being active allows them to get out and deal with their emotions and just be with other people instead of dwelling on these events.



Great for Overall Health

There arе many reasons why seniors should stay active but the main is just for overall health. There’s no reason why you need to sit around and dwell on issues when you’re older. Being active helps you maintain quality of life and can be very good for both your physical and emotional well-being too.

October 11, 2012 in Senior Care

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