Travel Made Easy for Seniors

Looking to travel but tired of the “same old” experiences? Well, we’ve done some research and came up with a few travel companies that not only offer a unique travel experience, but also cater to older adults.

First, there is Road Scholar, a not for profit organization that started up in 1975 as Elderhostel. Their unique tours are featured all over the world and go a step further by teaching as you go. You’re essentially enrolling in a class; studying abroad while enjoying the sights, sounds and good food. These tours range from pottery classes in India, to cooking classes on the Louisiana bayou, even birding in New Zealand. They have affordable packages and even scholarships for those who have trouble meeting the cost, and offer programs for single seniors, couples, and grandparents with their grandchild. Age requirements have been pushed back from the usual 50+ to 21 and over, however most that attend these tours are on average 70 years of age.

ElderTreks is another company with similar trips available to those with Road Scholar, except their tours seem to be for those who are more active. There are lots of hiking and biking trips as wells as a trip to Antarctica to go camping…with penguins! ElderTreks costs are comparable to Road Scholar, however there aren’t any scholarship programs for those who need it. Although you need to be 50+ to enroll, you may bring a companion with you that is 18 years or older.

Another great option is Grand Circle Travel. Developed in 1958 by AARP founder Ethel Andrus, Grand Circle has the older adult in mind for all of their cruses. The Program Directors (guides) set the pace to suite everyone in your group, and take the time to modify the tour if need be to ensure each participant has a great time. You’re in safe hands as you’re guided through your destination, and Grand Circle has been awarded the World’s Best River Cruise Line for 3 years in a row by Reader’s Choice Awards.

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By land, by air or by sea, you’re sure to find the right tour for you within these excellent sites. But as always, be sure to plan ahead with these helpful traveling tips:

Travel Insurance – Medicare does not cover medical expenses outside of the US. Get up to speed on your supplemental plan before leaving the country.

Medications – Make sure to bring enough to cover your trip, and then an extra supply in case of a layover or other extension. It’s a good idea to bring a letter from your doctor describing your condition(s) and medication needs. Don’t forget to adjust your medication schedule after passing over different time zones, too!

Notify your Bank – Most banks and credit card companies will freeze accounts if they see unfamiliar activity. Notify them and give them a brief outline of your trip so they know what to look for.

Pack Light – Bring fewer clothes and do laundry more often. Try to bring a rolling suitcase and if you need more luggage space, keep it small and capable of stacking or securing to your rolling suitcase.

Emergency Contacts – Be prepared for any emergency by leaving your traveling data and important medical information with friends or family. Make sure to keep your emergency contact information with you and penciled in your passport.

For more information and tips for smart travel, visit these sites;

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Happy Trails!

January 16, 2015 in Senior Care

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