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There is a common question that has been asked among the younger generation recently. If someone from the 1950’s showed up today in 2015, how would you explain the smartphone to them? If you told this person you had a small device with all the worlds’ knowledge at your fingertips with virtually unlimited uses, what do you think their response would be? What would you teach them first?
A large amount of America’s seniors can relate and are lost in this age of technology. Recent studies have shown that sixty percent of seniors sixty-five and older are using the internet, but that leaves forty percent not using the internet. They have also found that only eighteen percent of seniors sixty-five and up have smartphones and twenty-seven percent use social media like Facebook.

How can we help the senior community keep up with the ever advancing ways of technology? Well we can take tell them about senior computer classes, at your local senior centers. Or most cell phone carriers like AT&T have complimentary smartphone/tablet/ipad classes available for anyone in need of help. For example if you go to and go to the tab labeled support, there is a subsection named device help. There you will find a link called “learn how to use my device” and this will take you to a page where you enter the type of device and they will walk you through how to use your device.

For families here in the Coachella Valley the Mizell Senior Center holds multiple types of computer classes, from beginner to expert classes, i-pad and tablet classes, and even Facebook classes! The Mizell is located at 480 South Sunrise Way in PALM SPRINGS. CA. You can go online to to find out when the classes are available!

There are multiple ways for the older generation to keep up with the ever advancing ways of technology!

July 16, 2015 in Senior Care

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