How to Care for Your Aging Parent

How to Care for Your Aging Parent

Baby boomers are facing many issues as their parents age and need assistance in order to maximize their independent lifestyles.

Top on the issue’s list is “how to keep mom or dad at home” in a happy, safe environment, while you try to maintain your many responsibilities – children, jobs, grandchildren, and life styles necessary to your own well-being.

As parents age, the comfort of their home becomes even more important. The challenges of everyday living can be too much for them. To live independently, in the safety and privacy of their own place, takes a lot of energy and maybe a senior care service is what you need. The right service providers bring a lot of peace of mind through that front door, into the lives of aging parents. With full-time jobs, family caretakers are unable to get everything done on a daily basis. A home care service can offer a lot of services for pretty reasonable fees, on average, they start at around $50.00 a week.

Some of the services they provide are: grocery lists, shopping, meal preparation, and assistance with eating, and help with bathing and keeping them in fresh, clean clothes. They have care helpers that will do light housekeeping, drawer and closet organizing, bed linen changing and laundry, ironing, and vacuuming.

What about all those appointments aging people need to make and get to, medication reminders, many are able to take vacations but need help getting to the ship or airport, help with packing. Going out to lunch or dinner with a friend, having a daily phone call from their care helper to see how things are going, how are you feeling today? Writing out letters or cards, gift shopping, help with wrapping.

There are so many things we take for granted in our busy lives, but the elder parent or friend can’t take them for granted anymore, yet those things don’t just disappear.

They can still have fun, they love to play board games, play cards, watch movies and eat popcorn, have a glass of wine with lunch, laugh and be happy. These services can be theirs without your constant attendance. You are free to live your life with peace of mind knowing you don’t have to bring in the mail or pay their bills on time – after work, on your way home.

In all reality, there is no place like home, and they will love you all the more for providing for their basic needs without your having to always be there. They will look forward to your weekly visits and you will look forward to them, too. The care helpers can relieve you of many burdens. You can visit as the daughter, or the son, not the parent’s parent.. What a relief. What a blessing!

February 22, 2011 in Senior Care