Exercise And Fitness For The Aging Adult


          Do you have a normal exercise routine? If not, why? We have done some research and found statistics from www.fitness.gov that state 80% of adults do not meet the recommended amount of daily physical activity. According to www.cdc.gov it is preferred that older adults have a moderate amount (thirty minutes to an hour) of physical activity daily.  

          You may be thinking an hour is a long time to be exercising but there are different things you can do with your time! The National Institute on Aging recommends the use of four different types of exercise. The first is endurance or aerobic training that will increase your heart rate and breathing. The second is strength training that will help your muscles grow stronger. The third is balance exercises to decrease the risk of falls. Last is a flexibility exercise to stretch your muscles and stay limber! You can go onto www.nlm.nih.gov for more detailed information.

         Where do you get started? When should you exercise? How should you exercise? That’s all up to you and what you feel your body needs! There are few online programs that are willing to help you find what is right for you. One of the programs is called silver sneakers. They are a nationwide program designed to help you find a gym or exercise group near you. To find more information or to see if you are eligible for their benefits go to www.silversneakers.com .

        If the gym is not for you, there are alternatives to regular exercise such as yoga or water aerobics. In the Coachella Valley there are a number of yoga studios that give beginner classes to all ages. You can contact the Joslyn Senior Center in Palm Desert and get more information at www.wellness.com . They have a list of available classes throughout valley. You can also find information about water aerobics classes on www.desertymca.org .

February 18, 2015 in Senior Care

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