Alzheimer Care in Palm Desert

Looking for Alzheimer’s care in Palm Desert? This is a difficult condition for any family member to through and it usually requires some type of home care or care facility to treat it for the patient. Here arе some things to consider when looking for Alzheimer’s care for your loved one.

Home Care Needs

When Alzheimer’s is first diagnosed that patient will probably only need some form of home care. In the early stages the disease can be managed at home by a qualified home care provider for your loved one. This provider can do daily tasks such as errands, provide transportation to appointments, cook meals and do in home chores for you loved one. This type of care is ideal when you have to work or can’t provide the level of care required for the elderly member of your family. You need to decide on the level of home care you need and then start looking for the appropriate providers for Alzheimer’s care in Palm Desert.

Long-Term Care

Once Alzheimer’s advances your family member is going to need long-term care in a facility for Alzheimer’s patients. This disease will require full round the clock care which only a dedicated facility can provide for your loved one. This home can provider all the essentials such as meals, medial care, personal care and other needs of you loved one. The doctor of you loved one will be able to make the determination when full term care is going to be required.


To find the right care you’ll need to do some research. This will be determined by how advanced the condition is. You’ll need to research several providers to find the right level of care for you loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s. Things you need to look for are:

  • What level of care do you provide?
  • Is there 24 hour care available?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you have references?
  • Can you do the daily tasks for my loved one?

These arе simple questions to ask but they will help you determine if the care provider is going to be right for you. Take your time as you research the various providers and make a list of questions to ask them when looking for Alzheimer’s care in Palm Desert.






You’ll need to conduct a series of interviews to find the right provider whether it’s in home care or longer term care for your family member. Be sure that you check the references of the provider and make sure that they can give you the level of service that you require. Plan on conducting several interviews and don’t settle for the first one. Make sure you take the time to find the right provider.

Longer-Term Care

For longer term care an assisted living home or facility is the best option for you. There arе many facilities to choose from so look for care homes that have been in business for  a long time and meet the requirements that you need for your family member. If the disease is very advanced then a full level nursing home will be required.



September 29, 2012 in Senior Care

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